United States citizenship or naturalization documentation

Minimum age of 20 (At least six months after your 20th birthday)

A valid driver’s license


High School diploma or GED certificate


Honorable or uncharacterized discharge from a military branch (if applicable)


Successful completion of the cognitive skills examination and personality assessment

Visual ability cannot be less than 20/100 in each eye uncorrected and must be corrected to 20/20 with glasses, contact lenses or RK surgery

Medical examination required upon offer of employment


Atlanta Police recruits are required to perform at very high physical levels during the 22 – week Atlanta Police Academy


Recruits must also meet rigorous standards during 12 weeks of field training, and significant classroom training

Please Note: The following documents are NOT required to begin the application process, but MUST be brought into the Background and Recruitment Office within 10 days of attending a Recruiting Event:

A copy of your current, valid Driver's License
A copy of your high school diploma, certified transcripts, or GED certificate
A copy of your birth certificate - from the Bureau of Vital Statistics
Two (2) passport style photographs
An original copy of your Driver's Record, including the past seven (7) years history transcript from the Department of Motor Vehicles in EVERY state in which you have EVER held a valid Driver's License

The following documents are also required, IF they are applicable to you, and must also be included with your completed application:

  • DD214 Form, Member 4 – Showing an HONORABLE discharge from the Armed Forces, if you are a Veteran
  • Certified college transcripts (sealed)
  • Name change documents (e.g. Marriage License, Court Order, etc.)
  • Citizenship paper
  • A copy of bankruptcy discharge paper


If you need to exit the application process before completing the entire form, the Login ID and Password you created will allow you to return to your application in progress. 

As you begin the application process, please keep the following in mind:

  • You must complete all forms accurately, legibly, and completely. Do not leave any blank spaces.
  • It is to your advantage to BE ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL in answering all questions on your application and during all interviews.
  • A false statement or the omission of requested information is grounds for automatic rejection before appointment or termination after employment. Often, an applicant is suspended from the hiring process due to falsification or omission of information that would not have disqualified them otherwise.
  • If you answer “yes” to a question, you need to be complete in explaining the circumstances. Do not omit an explanation because you think the incident was minor and of no importance.


Disqualifying Conditions

All applicants for employment with the Atlanta Police Department are subject to a thorough background investigation to verify the accuracy of statements provided within the application and to confirm your qualification for employment.

The following factors are some of those that would be cause for disqualification: 

  • Any conviction of an offense punishable by one or more years imprisonment (felony). This includes cases falling under the First Offender Act and expunged/sealed cases.
  • Any federal, state, or local circumstance that would prohibit you from legally possessing a firearm
  • Pending traffic or criminal charges
  • Deliberate omissions or falsehoods
  • Any repeated convictions of an offense indicating disrespect for the law, a lack of good moral character or disposition towards violence and disorder
  • Discharge from employment, where such discharge indicates poor behavior and/or an inability adjusting to discipline
  • Any discharge documentation suggesting that service ended under less than Honorable conditions
  • A conviction for Larceny or Theft over $500
  • A conviction for any domestic violence offense
  • Failure to pass all medical, physical, and psychological examinations
  • Use of illegal drugs in violation of APD Pre-Employment Drug Policy
  • A conviction for DUI, Alcohol/Drugs within 3 years of the date of application
  • Refusal to submit to Blood Alcohol Content test will be treated as a conviction
  • Five (5) or more moving violation convictions within 3 years prior to the date of application
  • Three (3) or more convictions for speeding in excess of 30 MPH over the speed limit within the entire driving record
  • Three (3) or more chargeable traffic accidents within 5 years prior to the date of application
  • A driver’s license that is currently suspended, revoked or expired
  • A conviction for vehicular homicide, or hit and run (leaving the scene of an accident)
  • Current probation or parole status
  • The Atlanta Police Department has a policy related to tattoos and body art. Applicants considering employment are to be aware that this policy will have a direct impact on eligibility for hiring.

Tattoos or body art displaying the following are prohibited at all times:


Obscenity or Profanity

Political in Nature

Gang or Drug Related

Undermining City or Department Values

Sexism or Sexually Suggestive or Explicit

Tattoos or body art on the following body areas are prohibited at all times:



Excessive tattoos or brands shall not be exposed or visible through the clothing while on duty with the exception of officers in undercover assignments. “Excessive” is defined as any tattoo or brand that exceeds one-third of the exposed body part and those that are above the collarbone and visible when wearing open-collar clothing.

An alternative option to the permanent removal of tattoos that are in violation of this policy is for the officer to wear flesh-tone arm sleeves that cover the tattoos; thereby, making his or her appearance in compliance with Department directives.