Below are some of the more common questions prospective and current employees have about working with the Atlanta Police Department. 

What age restrictions apply to joining the Atlanta Police Department?

You must reach your twenty-first birthday by the time you graduate from the police academy. There is no maximum age restriction.

Can I download the Atlanta Police Department application and turn it in prior to attending a Recruiting Event?

Yes, currently the Atlanta Police Department accepts both online and printed (PDF) applications. Once you have become a registered user, you can start and stop filling out the online TALEO application as needed or download the PDF printable version.

Do I really have to pass the Physical Training test?

Yes, you will be required to pass a pre-employment physical agility test during the initial background process which includes:

  • 20 military style push-ups in one minute
  • 25 sit-ups in one minute
  • 12″ step test

How long does police academy training last, and do we stay at the academy?

The police academy training period is twenty-one weeks long. Upon becoming a sworn officer, you will have an additional twelve weeks of Field Training. Housing is not provided at the academy; you attend class during the day and go home afterward.

When does the police academy start?

Academy classes begin when a suitable number of recruits have been accepted for training. Actual class sizes vary from session to session and depending upon the number of available recruits for your class, you may experience a wait of several weeks or even months between your acceptance and the beginning of academy training.

Will I get paid while I am enrolled in the police academy?

Absolutely! You become a paid employee of the Atlanta Police Department once you complete processing and will be paid at the current rate for Police Officer Recruits.

Does the Atlanta Police Department supply sweat pants and shirts?

No, you will be required to pay for all of the necessary physical training gear. The Atlanta Police Department does provide your uniform.

Does the Atlanta Police Department pay for moving expenses?

There is need based housing assistance provided through the Atlanta Police Foundation. For more information, visit www.atlantapolicefoundation.org

How does the pay of the Atlanta Police Department compare with other agencies?

The Atlanta Police Department’s Officers pay scale is competitive with every police department in the state of Georgia, if not the entire Southeast.

When can I qualify for a specialized unit?

After you have been employed with the department for three years, you can qualify for the rank of Investigator or join a Specialized Unit.

How do I get promoted?

To get promoted to the rank of Investigator, Sergeant or Lieutenant you must pass both a written and oral exam. The ranks of Captain, Major, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief are appointed by the Chief of Police.

As an Officer, will I ride alone or with a partner?

Assignments are determined by your Zone Commander, based on what he/she feels best suits the needs of the Zone.

What if I am a student? [Can I go to school and be a police officer at the same time?]

The Atlanta Police Department encourages every officer to find time to increase his/her education, but basic law enforcement training is extremely demanding and the requirements of the department take priority. Employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement if he/she is enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning.

Does the Atlanta Police Department offer a lateral transfer program?