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The online version of the Atlanta Police Department's employment application is divided into several sections. As you complete each page, you can access the next section by selecting the "Continue" button. Clicking this button automatically saves the data you have entered to an account you will create after selecting "Continue" for the first time.

If you need to exit the application process before completing the entire form, the Login ID and Password you create on this screen will allow you to return to your application in progress.

As you begin the application process, please keep the following in mind:
  • You must complete all forms accurately, legibly, and completely. Do not leave any blank spaces.
  • It is to your advantage to BE ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL in answering all questions on your application and during all interviews.
  • A false statement or the omission of requested information is grounds for automatic rejection before appointment, or termination after employment. Often, an applicant is suspended from the hiring process due to falsification or omission of information that would not have disqualified them otherwise.
  • If you answer "yes" to a question, you need to be complete in explaining the circumstances. Do not omit an explanation because you think the incident was minor and of no importance.